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We'll let our work speak for itself...

#1 Canadian Brand, Valued at $5.6B

Built the globally recognized brand from grassroots launch to world-wide recognition. Naming, brand story, visual identity and communications, the brand work blazed the trail in the fledgling smartphone market, making instant communication an everyday expectation.


Revenue Growth from $2M to $150M

Driving double digit year over year growth through global and vertical market expansion in the edtech space. Partnering with Sales to jointly achieve 167% quota attainment on new business and expansion within exiting accounts.

Map in Grass

Effective Comms for $165M Series A & B

Elevated communication strategy to successfully secure and promote Series A and B funding of over $165M for scaling SaaS company in high growth stage.


Impactful Customer Experience 98% Retention & 45.5 NPS

Delivered elite customer-focused experiences to drive loyalty and growth resulting in a 98% retention rate, a 45.5 net promoter score, and hundreds of new customer advocates.


3x Pipeline Growth from 4x Marketing Contribution

This full-scale SMB campaign for fintech start-up included long form content, ads, Sales plays, and drip follow-up. The campaign resulted in a 3x increase in pipeline, and a 23% Marketing contribution to opportunities.

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